Your session is an empowering experience designed to assist you in resolving specific limiting beliefs, utilizing a gentle and powerful approach I developed over many years working with thousands of clients: Body-Centered Awareness Activation Technique.

Your body-mind is like a musical instrument, exquisitely designed for living life, expressing your true self. You are spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit.

When your instrument is out of tune you can experience low energy, brain fog, crippling emotional swings and a myriad of body symptoms that affect day-to-day functioning. Often, this feels like just barely getting through the day. It can be difficult to access your intuition and inner guidance and to find the energy to follow through and do something about it.

What I do in your healing session is help you tune your instrument, much like tuning a harp or guitar. I am able to see the energetic flow through your body (like satellite photos of weather patterns on the Weather Channel). Through specific guided meditations and tools that I have developed over 35 years of working with people, I help you to release the patterns that drain your energy, clog up your system and do not serve you.

A deep core happiness is available when programming that is no longer serving you falls away. You feel light and free as your radiance is revealed. Its source is inexhaustible; it comes from the essence of who you are and is no effort to maintain because it’s your natural state.
Welcome Home!

Healing is what happens when your body-mind and heart are in tune with your Being.

VIP Private Retreats

Private retreats are an opportunity for 1–4 people who want a deeper exploration of what their soul/spark purpose is in this lifetime.   

These retreats are available in Sedona, AZ at Hilary's Canyon Casita, or at the retreat location of your choice.

 V.  Vision: Your Soul/Spark Blueprint is the plan you as a spark of the One intelligence have laid out for the unfolding of your life; what you are here to experience, to express, to give and to receive.

 I.  Insight: Find the gifts you brought with you for the highest potential of this plan for your life. Also equally important is to find out how the challenges you face, appearing as obstacles, are in fact opportunities to mine these gifts. This gives you the missing pieces to live the way your soul/spark intends. 

 P.  Purpose: You will naturally be drawn to take inspired actions that move you forward fully aligned with your blueprint. You embody this frequency naturally and these actions come spontaneously, they feel guided and fu. be who you came here to be and of vital luminous energy.  You can now do  what you came here to do!