When you discover your True Self is well-being, the next steps of your life purpose unfold naturally

In uncertain times it can be difficult to differentiate between your inner guidance and the ego's defenses when it comes to important life decisions. You'll recognize the ego's voice when you experience a continual wavering back and forth between possible choices, or when images of worst case scenarios keep playing in an endless loop in your head. This can block you from your natural confidence in moving forward on your path.  

Another sign of ego's dominance is when you notice that you are repeatedly stuck in similar situations that drain you and you're having a difficult time finding your way out.

Our body-mind can reflect this stuck-ness with a myriad of symptoms, including physical and mental exhaustion, emotional instability as well as tension and chronic pain, the source of which can be difficult to pinpoint.

What kinds of issues can a
Well-Being Guidance Session help me with?

  • Release old emotional wounds; reconnect with your essential self-worth 
  • Dissolve blockages to moving forward on your life path
  • Harmony and fulfillment within reflects in your intimate relationships 
  • Get off the roller-coaster; restore healthy emotional balance
  • Release social anxiety; relating to others as your authentic self
  • Learn simple meditations you enjoy doing every day

Your conditioned programs are the ego's very structure. They keep you stuck buying into the old tapes playing in your head. These messages run deep, they come from family and societal programming, as well as unprocessed experiences from other lifetimes. They are however, not permanent. They are erasable! 

Your body-mind subconsciously holds on to these old perceptions as 'your life story', believing they are necessary for your survival.

Either way, these old messages are not allowing you to grow past your uncomfortable, comfort zone.

Sometimes healing happens as an answer to a prayer, with a powerful peak experience. Most of the time we need to participate in that answer—by intentionally choosing to look deeper and discover our essential Well-Being as our true nature. 

Well-Being Guidance Sessions tap into the same source as these powerful peak experiences. In your healing session, you are guided gently and safely into a state of deep relaxation where I help you get dialed-in to this higher level of soul/spark awareness.

Through the eyes of this higher perception, you see through the old programming that no longer serves you. It drops off automatically when you are present with this perception. In its place, you receive a download of healing energy from your own Source which moves you in the direction that brings you light and buoyancy.

Suddenly you know just what to do. Body symptoms often diminish or fall away, as you are plugged in to the infinite supply of energy from Source. You feel connected, whole, vibrantly alive and highly creative. Solutions to problems pop like popcorn.

You experience a sense of calm and deep peace as your feet find their way back on your meant-to-be path. You are fulfilled when you realize who you truly are and allow this natural expression to unfold  — your highest purpose is being your Essential Self. 


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What My Clients Say...

My beautiful home by the ocean was not selling after several months of showings.
I called Hilary to see if she could find and release any blocked energy that might be lingering in the house. Two days after Hilary came over to clear the energy, I had three offers, and the house sold right away. Now I can move on into my new life. What a relief!”

Ellen Fondiler, Berkeley, CA
Career Strategist

Hilary has a rare sensitivity and insight which allows those she works with to experience the natural joy of our true being, as well as a depth of self-healing and self-discovery.”

Barry and Joyce Vissell, CA
Authors: Shared Heart and Meant to Be

I have always loved adventure travel. This work has taken me to an amazing place … my own spirit!”

Sallie Regan, AK
Television Producer/Writer

I was paralyzed with depression and crying every day. I couldn't control the tears for weeks. I am so grateful for the shift that I’ve had! I‘m amazed at how naturally it came. After working with Hilary I feel filled with an incredible peace — which is the bottom line. The lower back and jaw pain that I’ve suffered with for many years was gone. I feel so much clearer. Thank you!”

Bonnie Maller, MA 
Artist, Business Owner

This work has helped me to be a better parent. By identifying my children’s inherent Soul talents, I am able to actively nurture their fullest potential.”

Hazel McCue, CT
Homemaker and Mother

Hilary stands at the gate between Heaven and Earth, helping me to connect with my Self and the Greater Spirit.”

Aida M Hasbun, MD, NZ
Functional Medicine

Hilary has an incredible ability to tune into precisely the energetic and vibrational patterns where true healing occurs. I have referred a number of clients to her and have found they reach their therapy goals in far less time than I would have imagined.”

Judith Saunders, NZ
Clinical Psychologist

I was in such deep sorrow after the loss of my beloved angel-dog, Bella. My session with Hilary was miraculous! I feel such peace and gratitude. My connection with Bella in spirit is so clear, I’m uplifted. Every time I think of her my heart is filled with light and joy. What a blessing!”

Martha Weiner, CA
Counselor, Energy Healer, Past-Life Regression